The Support Our Customers Can Rely OnSpeed to Market

Conventus receives the latest speed-to-market data to determine the necessary actions for material demands, making virtually any critical application possible.

Our pulse on the global plastic community gives us the upper hand in delivering current material offerings with a focus on our customers’ needs. Conventus prioritizes market demands by working directly with our local and global warehouses in the US and China, offering flexibility no matter your location. As a trusted source offering a broad product portfolio with access to custom high-performance materials, we make this possible with Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery.

Alongside delivery, our stock programs, rapid development to production cycles, and 2–5-week lead times ensure materials are delivered on time.

No matter your material requirements, Conventus Polymers is focused on dynamic and direct material solutions to meet and exceed customer requirements every time.

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We realize your time is valuable and getting material to you when you want it, is our number one priority.