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Electrical / Lighting
Electrical / Lighting

Manufacturers know they can trust Conventus for the best material when they’re in need of high-performance polymers for the electrical and lighting market.

Electrical products and applications are highly regulated, and most of the time need to meet or exceed several international industry standards, such as IEC, ISO, EN, and UL. The resin used for electrical applications needs to be tested according to several standards, such as:

  • UL94 Flammability
  • UL746A Comparative Tracking Index (CTI)
  • UL746B Relative Thermal Index (RTI)
  • UL746C Weatherability

Conventus Polymers proudly provides our customers with the best highly engineered resins and compounds. We also offer flame retardant solutions for most engineering and high-performance polymers used in electrical and lighting applications.

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