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Conventus Polymers combines extensive market understanding and technical resources to deliver quality service. Our knowledgeable industry professionals deliver quality solutions, from tech support to specialty polymer applications.

Application Development

We offer consultations, resin selection assistance, and technical support to help bring the best, most cost-effective resin for your application. With our global reach and contacts with leading OEMs, we bring forth the latest in application development expertise.

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Application Development

Technical Support

Conventus applies our knowledge in conjunction with a network of high-performance specialty compounds for critical applications. Our team members have resources at their fingertips – no matter the complexity, we collaborate to make the appropriate recommendations and assist with any project specifications.

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Our unwavering dedication to quality is backed by our trusted team and our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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ISO 9001:2015

Specialty Polymers

Conventus’ broad portfolio of specialty polymers is designed to meet custom requirements in multiple industries, including sporting goods, defense, water management, electrical, healthcare, and more.

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Specialty Polymers

Custom Compound Formulation

Our team of experts will help develop custom polymer solutions tailored to your requirements, providing the next generation of polymeric technology and compound formulation.

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Electrical / Lighting

Inventory Management

Our team has diverse material knowledge and a logistical background, meaning we directly support customers with inventory management for various industries.

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Logistics Network

No matter the project, Conventus will collaborate within our broad network to solve problems and achieve sustained success for our customers. We are a trusted source for bringing the latest resin technologies to our customers.

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Speed to Market

With current demands in the plastics industry, our team strives to be the support our customers can rely on. Conventus Polymers gets the latest speed-to-market data to determine the necessary actions for material demands, making virtually any critical application possible.

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Speed to Market

Polymer Innovation

Daring to change the way of polymer innovation with the world’s next generation of thermoplastic materials is what we do best. By keeping a pulse on the global plastics community, we have the latest information on high-performance ultra-polymers and add them directly to our portfolio. We focus on partnering with companies invested in the latest technologies and delivering those innovations straight to the customer.

More About Polymer Innovation
Polymer Innovation

Risk Mitigation

Industries in vertical markets pose higher risks with ongoing industry demands due to them being smaller and more vulnerable to supply chain issues. Our proficiency within niche markets delivers firsthand industry knowledge directly to our customers. From material design to final production, our team will direct customers to the right resources no matter the market.

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Risk Mitigation

We Have You Covered

We realize your time is valuable and getting material to you when you want it, is our number one priority.