A Deep Knowledge of Specialty PolymersSpecialty Polymers

Amid a growing distributor list of specialty polymers, Conventus offers a broad portfolio designed to meet custom requirements in multiple industries, including sporting goods, defense, high-performance plumbing, electrical, healthcare, and more. We work to create custom solutions tailored to specific needs and continue the world’s next generation of thermoplastic materials.

Our team helps select the most economical solutions that meet or exceed customers’ requirements with our deep knowledge of plastics. With our specialty material lines ranging from polyamides to elastomers, we choose materials from leading OEMs that provide the latest data and polymeric technologies in the market.

Our broad portfolio identifies the industry demands and offers best-in-class solutions to handle many conditions. Polymers specializing in harsh climates, electrical and thermal conductivity, and lightweight solutions are a few of the many comprehensive features you can find when working with us.

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