High-Performance Polymers for the Healthcare Industry

Amid the growing demand for innovation in medical devices, the need for high-quality plastic resin in healthcare applications has become extremely important.

Conventus Polymers focuses on customers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who require highly engineered resins or compounds for healthcare applications. Our team of experts provides metal to plastic conversion, design guidance, material selection, and a large portfolio of ISO10993 approved resins to choose from.


We offer resin for a wide range of medical devices and components, including:

  • Medical lighting
  • Medical trays
  • Animal research and care devices
  • Pharmaceutical devices
  • Surgical instruments
  • Respiratory and sleep therapy devices
  • Orthopedic components
  • Monitoring and diagnostics devices

Conventus continues to be a reliable source for high-performance materials in the healthcare industry due to our large portfolio and understanding of key demands in the medical market. Our resins always comply with:

  • Agency Regulations such as ISO10993, USP VI, and FDA
  • Chemical Resistance to sterilization techniques including EtO, gamma, E-beam, and Autoclave
  • Chemical Resistance to aggressive cleaners used in hospitals to minimize infections
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