High-Performance Polymers for the Sporting Goods & Defense Market

Sporting Goods & Defense
Sporting Goods & Defense

When it comes to manufacturing quality parts for the most critical applications, Conventus knows processors need the best high-strength resin on the market. The sporting goods and defense industries require high-quality equipment that is extremely resilient to environmental exposure and resistant to the strongest impacts. This is why Conventus provides high-performance resin guaranteed to meet all specifications.

Conventus is dedicated to providing the best materials for the sporting goods and defense industries. Our polymers are:

  • Ultra-high strength and super impact resistant
  • Extremely resilient to environmental exposure
  • Reinforced with carbon fiber compounds
  • Made with advanced cosmetic effects

As a global plastics distributor, formulator, and compounder, Conventus has always been dedicated to providing the best quality products for a wide range of critical applications. We also offer industry-leading technical support to ensure you have the right polymers for your exact needs.

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