June 10, 2019 12:00:41 AM

Canadian Distribution Operation Opens

June 10, 2019

Conventus Polymers LLCa leading distributor of high-performance engineering thermoplastics, has established a Canadian distribution operation based in Toronto which offers the company’s broad portfolio of products to processors and end users in the Ontario and Quebec provinces. The expansion into Canada is part of the company’s overall business strategy to grow the business into key geographic regions.

“Our business is growing quickly and with our extensive product portfolio of specialty engineering plastics, we are firmly positioned as a strategic supplier. This important move signals our further commitment to key national and multinational OEMs. The Canadian initiative has increased Conventus’ penetration into the automotive market, a key end-use segment for the company, in addition to expanding its reach into existing strategic markets”, said Conventus co-president John Jorgensen.

Conventus has filed registration documents with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). To support the operation, the company has a presence in Toronto. Conventus has established a warehouse in Montreal, with plans to open another facility in Toronto. Conventus is selling the same global portfolio of products in Canada including specialty nylons, polysulfones, thermoplastics vulcanizates (TPVs), and custom compounds.

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