We combine

materials expertise & logistics

to help you achieve success and sustain it

Resin Manufacturer
Conventus Network
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Polymer Innovation
Enabling Success

We actively partner with producers who invest in and development the world’s next generation of thermoplastic materials.
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New Resins
Speed to Market

By keeping a close pulse on the global plastics community, we have a proven track record of bringing the latest resin technologies to our customers.
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Application Development
Risk Mitigation

Because of our application expertise in vertical markets, customers consult with us on their new product introductions from material to design to supply chain.
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Materials Selection
Specialty Polymers

Customers rely on our deep knowledge of plastics to help select the most economical plastic that meets or exceeds all of their requirements.
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One Stop Shop
Diverse Portfolio

We offer the broadest portfolio of high performance and ultra-polymers in order to service virtually any critical application on the globe.
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Volume Flexibility
Smaller Volumes

From 25kgs to FCL, we allow for maximum flexibility with minimum order quantities.
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Inventory Management
JIT Delivery

Between local warehousing and various stocking programs, we offer Just-In-Time delivery to help our customers manage inventory.