Why choose us?

We are focused on delivering the world's highest performance polymers and expert advice for your critical applications

Polymer Innovation

A broad portfolio of thermoplastic resins, from PP to PEEK, will enable you to design in new application spaces.

New Resins

Our vendor network provides global support - such as quick samples across the globe.

Application Development

To avoid extraneous costs, we help identify potential hazards in terms of performance, supply, and price.

Materials Selection

Our portfolio is designed to help customers differentiate their products and reduce cost with a total systems approach.

One stop Shop

We offer the combination of world class organizations and their products to service virtually any application in the world.

Volume Flexibility

Our vendor network has been engineered to allow for flexibility with minimum order quantities and inventory management.

Inventory Management

Between local warehousing and various stocking options, we offer just-in-time delivery to help our customers manage their costs.

Price Stability

We offer competitive pricing as well as the flexibility, patience, and long term approach to keep our customer's costs as stable as possible.

Your profits depend on

selecting the appropriate, cost effective material, implementing the right part design, optimizing the conversion process, and maintaining surety of supply at a stable price.

We can assist with:

  • Ultra high strenght & super impact polymers
  • Extreme resilience to enviornmental exposure
  • Leaders in carbon fiber reinforced compounds
  • Advanced cosmetic effects
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